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Marat Stepanov


I was analysing your signals and honestly, I was impressed!!! 93-95% of all signals are profitable and it’s an incredible result, I don’t know how you guys are doing it, but huge respect 👍

Alexander Pushkin


Only with the help of Magic Signals, I was able to get out of loss and start profiting by passively trading (opening 3-5 positions a week and getting 5% profit ) It works and it does help to make money!

Alesya Makarova


I would like to say thank you to Magic Signals… I’ve been trading for about a year already with any significant changes for my balance. Only with the help of Magic Signal I finally started making a nice profit.

Ilya Afanasyev


I have been trading signals for about 3 weeks now, and I really appreciate the time, effort and experience that you personally devote to signals. I diligently monitored your signals and risk management methods and made a profit every day. I find myself very lucky to have found you.

Eduard Grigoriev


I saw many signals from other analysts, many of which were based on hope and expectations, and not on realism and proper analysis - most of them failed. Your signals are distinguished by their accuracy - I know that everyone is mistaken - but we look at the probability of working out - you do it very well .... !

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Everyone gets what he wants from market: loss or profit. They are those who like losing, for this reason, when they losing money - they win.

Everytime my greed forced me to catch quick profits or hold my positions way too long, I’ve paid high price for it.

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