Frequently asked questions

  • How crypto signals can help beginners?

    Using our signals, Your funds will be invested with maximum efficiency. Our specialists are looking for the best, most profitable signals for you.

  • Do you use stop-limit order?

    Usage of stop-limit orders isn't relevant for our strategy, because we do not use leverage while trading. In situations, when we expect «dump», our specialists gives singal about closing all open orders. In the future, when we will add marginal signals to our bot our team will give stop-limit signals too.

  • How many signals are provided daily?

    Based on the situation on market, every day we provide from 4 to 15 signals.

  • What is minimum deposit needed to start trading?

    The minimum deposit for trading can be $10, however, for the most efficient use of funds, that can be invested in different cryptocurrencies, our specialists recommend to have deposit over $1000.

  • How can I pay for my subscription?

    We accept BTC and ETH payments via Telegram Bot. You can make a payment using QIWI.

  • Where are the trading signals provided?

    You can receive signals via Telegram App, using our Telegram Bot - Magic Signals. In the near future we have plans to provide signals via our website and Google Chrome notification app.

If you have any questions, contact us